You can directly subscribe for the courses / workshops at the open roster. You can do this by using the 'subscribe' button on the specific page for a course / workshop.

The other courses / workshops will be held when you apply using the 'subscribe' button using the text 'contact me for data'.

In addition to this we organize the courses / workshops 'in house' ('in house': at the premises of the customer, EDUCOM supplies the teacher and training material, the customer provides the space and catering).

Requests for information:

  • - You send us an e-mail ( Please state your name, name of your company / organization, address and telephone number through which you can be reached.
  • - We contact you. We like to hear your questions. We tell you details of the course / workshop you are interested in. We tell you about EDUCOM and the way we conduct the lessons. We answer your questions.
  • - You subscribe by using the 'subscribe' button on the specific course / workshop webpage.
  • - After we receive your subscription, we will send you an invitation and directions for getting to our course location.

Subscribing is done as follows:


You use the subscription button
  • - On the specific course / workshop page you click the button 'subscribe'.
  • - The subsription page is shown. Choose the date(s) you want, or choose the possibility to agree on dates with us.
  • - You fill in the rest of the form.
  • - You click the button 'send'.
  • - We receive your subscription and send you an invitation and directions how to get to the course location.

Included in the price

Included in the price of our courses / workshop are:
  • - lunch
  • - beverages
  • - coaching afterwards (until three months after the course a participant may ask questions by e-mail about the content of the course / workshop)

Subscribing more than three participants / In house

In case you have more than three participants for a course / workshop you may consider whether you ask us to do the course / workshop 'in house'. 'In house' means that the course / workshop will be held at your premises. You provide the space and the catering, EDUCOM provides teacher and training material.
The advantage for you is that for about the price of four participants you can let us do the workshop for a maximum of twelve participants. In addition to this the participants may save travel time.
In case you choose this possibility or you have questions about it, send us an e-mail: We contact you as soon as possible.

In case you still have questions or you want to discuss with us what to do

In case you have questions we will gladly answer them. You can ask them by e-mail:, or you can call us at 0348 - 431536.

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Data Modeling / Information Modeling the ER-model (English spoken)

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