In 2018 EDUCOM started to publish books. The first book "Requirements", written by Ton de Rooij, came out in June 2018. August 2019 the second extended edition came out. In December 2021 a much more extended edition (122 extra pages) came out.
The books Ton de Rooij has written before 2018, are being published by Boom Uitgevers in Amsterdam.

EDUCOM strives to develop its own training material and books. In case that EDUCOM has not a self written book than readers or the best books in the market are used.

So far all books published by EDUCOM have been written or co written by Ton de Rooij.

In December 2021 (1st print June 2018) the third edition of the book "Requirements - Inleiding in het specificeren van Requirements" came out. The book is used in the course / workshop 'Requirements'. The second print of the book is available in English with the title "Requirements - Introduction to specifying requirements". The translation of the third print is in progress.
In July 2010 the book "Datamodellering (volgens het Entity Relationshipmodel)" came out. This book is used in the course / workshop 'Datamodeling / Informatie-analyse volgens het Entity Relationshipmodel'. It replaces the readers that were previously used for this course / workshop.
In 2008 the book "Business Intelligence" came out. This book Ton de Rooij has co written with Peter van Til. This book is used in the course / workshop Data warehouses and Business Intelligence.