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  EDUCOM is publisher and EDUCOM organises workshops / courses. EDUCOM focusses on data modeling, information analysis, finding requirements, information architecture, databases, data warehouses and business intelligence.

publishing company

EDUCOM became publisher in June 2018. The first book published is:

ISBN 978 90 82888 041 (Dutch; 3rd edition 2021; first published in June 2018)

This book is used in our Dutch spoken course Requirements Specification / Finding Requirements. In this course the participant learns how to draw up a list of requirements for information systems.

The second edition of the book is also available in English (the third edition is being translated in English)
ISBN 978 90 82888 034 (2nd print December 2019)

Courses / Workshops

The following courses / workshop are held using the English language:

SQL (in English! / in het Engels!)
Thé course / workshop in which you learn how to make SQL queries.

The workshop / course SQL teaches you to make SQL queries. SQL is a very powerful language with which you can obtain information contained in a relational database. SQL is not only very suitable for making reports. It is also extremely suited for business intelligence.

Data Modeling / Information Analysis using the ER modeling technique (in English! / in het Engels)
Thé course / workshop to learn how you make a data model or information model according to the ER-model.

Making a data model / information model is necessary for making a database design, composing functional specifications and for determining the functional requirements for standard software.